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How To Play Video Keno

Keno is a very simple game to play both at land-based casinos and online. All of the games work the same way so once you learn how to play you can use this knowledge to play anywhere.
Step 1 - Select Your Bet Size
Video Keno machines often let you choose from a range of bet sizes. As all wins are in coins you will be winning multiples of your bet size. The most common coin size is $1 but there are machines with coin sizes ranging from 25¢ to $10. In most cases each game costs one coin.
Step 2 - Choose Your Numbers
Once you have determined how much you are going to bet you have to select some numbers. The most common games let you pick between 1 and 10 numbers out of a possible 80. Some games let you pick up to 15 numbers. Check the games pay table for this information. To select numbers you simply click on the number. If you make a mistake click on the number again to deselect it. Some game offer an Auto Pick option where the machine randomly selects a set amount of numbers.
Step 3 - Start the Draw
Once you have selected your numbers you press play and the numbers are drawn. This makes keno a much faster paced game than the lottery as you can have a draw whenever you like.
Step 4 - Collect Your Winnings
If you get lucky and get the correct amount of numbers to win a payout your credits will increase. You can then continue to play with these credits or choose to cash out your winnings.
Example of a Video Keno Game
The image below shows a typical video keno game screen. We have numbers the various sections which are described below. While the game screens might vary you will find all of the sections on most if not all video keno games.
Keno Game
  • Image Key
  • 1 : Payout Table
  • 2 : Bet Size
  • 3 : Game Board with numbers 1 to 80
  • 4 : Change Bet Size
  • 5 : Clear Selections
  • 6 : Play One Game
  • 7 : Play Five Games
  • 8 : Game Results
  • 9 : Win Amount
Key Descriptions

Payout Table : This is the area where you can see what each winning combination pays
Bet Size : This shows you what your current bet is
Game Board : This is where you select your numbers and where the drawn numbers are displayed
Change Bet Size : Using the arrows you can increase or decrease your bet (Limits permitting)
Clear Selections : This clears all picks from the game board
Play One Game : This button initiates the start of the game
Play Five Games : This button plays five games using the selected numbers
Game Results : This area shows the results of the current and past games
Win Amount : This area shows the win for the current game

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